Payment Information

1.1 Support Alipay and major banks to pay, users can pay online instantly without any handling fee!

1.2 Users must pay on time. If the next payment period is not paid in time, your service will be closed on the last day of the billing period.

1.3 The system will automatically send a notification one to seven working days in advance of the service bill. After it expires, this website will keep it for you for two working days. If it is not renewed, it will be automatically deleted.

Technical Support

2.1 In theory, our products do not provide any technical support and only provide limited services, such as: remote shielding / network card disable / environment configuration Please understand!

2.2 In principle, no technical support is provided except for the problems of the host machine and the VPS itself.

2.3 Please do not ask us anything other than non-host questions, we will all refuse to answer and simply do not reply.

Prohibited behavior

The following acts are prohibited using the services provided by BBRSERVER:

3.1 It is prohibited to place content that violates Chinese laws and the laws of the country or region where the service hardware is located.

3.2 It is prohibited to publish related content such as pornographic pornography, door events, pornographic films, ethics, welfare, number, etc.

3.3 Content containing violence, incitement, threats, harassment or hate speech is prohibited.

3.4 Random false information, fraudulent content or content that violates the privacy of others is prohibited.

3.5 It is forbidden to abuse system resources, CPU resources, bandwidth resources, disk I/O resources, but not limited to locality.

3.6 It is forbidden to use host placement, phishing fraud, port scanning, illegal intrusion, stealing other people's accounts, and destroying other people's systems.

3.7 Content that threatens the safety of others, threatens national and public safety, and affects the investigation of law enforcement agencies is prohibited.

3.8 It is forbidden to use the host to place and run private servers and private server-related websites, websites that are easy to cause attacks, and outsourcing attacks.

3.9 It is prohibited to send spam SPAM emails, use registered trademarks without permission, and infringe on copyrights, etc.

3.10 Content that infringes on the trademark, patent or other legitimate rights and interests of others is prohibited.

3.11 It is prohibited to place content related to illegal drugs, drugs, or content that violates import and export control laws.

3.12 It is prohibited to provide copyrighted pictures, templates, music, videos, books, BT seeds, movie sites, and novel sites.

3.13 It is prohibited to set up gaming and gambling sites, p2p mutual aid/3M finance or other similar illegal loan-absorbing or pyramid selling sites.

3.14 Any form of attack, outsourcing or being attacked is prohibited.

3.15 It is forbidden to publish reactionary, political opinions that are inconsistent with the facts and other related content.

3.16 It is prohibited to place any form of fraudulent and deceptive websites, including websites with imitation brand content and phishing.

3.17 It is forbidden to set up public Twitter API and any form of proxy service program.

3.18 The cloud server refuses long-term, high-traffic pure proxy connections.

3.19 Any proxy use such as game proxy, SS, VPN, etc. is prohibited.

3.20 Programs that seriously affect network performance such as PT, BT, Thunder, and eMule are prohibited.

3.21 It is prohibited to provide content that induces or introduces others' criminal methods (including spreading suicidal feelings, etc.).

3.22 All hacking activities are prohibited, not limited to illegal scanning, stealing other people's accounts, destroying other people's systems, CC attacks, and DDOS attacks.

3.23 It shall not be used for mining, swiping, surfing, swiping traffic, etc.

Copyright Protection

4.1 BBRSERVER does not allow users to publish copyrighted materials in any form, including but not limited to music, film and television works, and software.

(a) The copyright owner authorizes you in writing to publish the content.

(b) Your posting behavior complies with China, the United States copyright protection law (if the copyright content has exceeded the protection period)

4.2 No user is allowed to send emails without the permission of others, if the recipient of the email agrees to receive emails in advance (such as subscribed to your emails)

The sender must clearly indicate in the email how to opt out of the mail service. Once we receive a report about sending spam emails, your service will be shut down.

You can apply for a daily refund within one year from the date of purchasing the service, and no refund service will be provided after the refund period. All users can enjoy the refund promise!

A. If the customer violates the prohibition of the terms of service, BBRSERVER will have the right to refuse and not provide a refund.

B. To avoid malicious refunl with transactions, or provide better services.

13.2 bbrserver takes various measures to ensure that the information collected is secure and not damaged (e.g. not modified or stolen) and strictly controls access to any private information. For example, the network adopts SSL security (encrypted socket protocol layer) industry standard to transmit information. In addition, the website respects each user's private information and provides sufficient security.

13.3 the private information you provide to our website will enable us to provide the products or services you ordered (whether it is applicable depends on whether you provide these functions or services), inform you of information about new products, services, functions or improvements, handle and arrange customer services, technical inquiries or questions you need, or inform you of the latest updates, notices, promotional information, special event information or offers.

13.4 if you refuse to provide one or more necessary information to the website, resulting in the inability of the website to accept your order or serve you, you have the full option not to continue doing business with the website.

13.5 for customers who have stopped receiving the services of this website, you can ask this website to delete the archived personal information and data, but your transaction data and payment history will be saved according to legal requirements for inspection when necessary.

13.6 the user's transaction order information will not be deleted in this financial year, so that you can check the consumption records. For the transaction order data that has no statistical value, this website will delete all the original transaction order data in the next financial year.

Summary clause

This term is referred to as terms of service, which refers to your recognition of the terms of service and your willingness to accept the provisions of the relevant terms of bbrserver.

Disputes arising from the terms shall be borne by the user. The effect of this term is the same as the written terms signed and sealed by the user and has the same legal binding force.

Bbrserver reserves the right to change the terms and attachments. If you have any objection, please consult us and put forward your valuable opinions!

Monday, August 30, 2021

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