Dear customer,

Recently, we found that a large number of abuses of IP addresses and external spam and attacks have seriously affected the use of normal customers. In order to ensure the quality of our services and improve network quality, BBRSERVER will adjust the security incident (complaint) management rules. Create a stable and secure network environment for our customers.
The corresponding rules are adjusted as follows:
1. If we receive complaints about attacks and security (spam, copyright, external attacks, port scans, etc.), we will suspend the IP of the complaint for 72 hours:

Once the warning is given, the customer should immediately resolve the problem; if the same machine receives the same complaint again, it will be fined $20/complaint.

2. SBL is the most serious complaint, which will result in the IP being permanently blocked. We will not issue a warning if we receive a complaint. We will directly impose a fine of US$50, and IP will not be released.

3. By default, the mail-related port (25/465) will be banned. The server that requests the mail port to be open will be charged a fine of $50/complaint if it receives a spam complaint.

4. Our company will notify the customer by email. If the ticket is not paid within 48 hours, we will shut down the server where the IP address is complained and directly recycle it.

5. If the client server is engaged in VPS business operations, the normal complaints have been properly handled and the corresponding screenshots (including not limited to the system screenshots of the VPS service and the log information of the VPS deleted) will be exempted from punishment, and the screenshots will be Accreditation is subject to the judgment of the BBRSERVER team.

The above standards will be implemented at 0:00 on March 31, 2019, Pacific Time. Please ensure that the resellers should pass the new policy to the end customers in time to avoid unnecessary disputes.

For servers that need to open the SMTP service, please log in to our system and submit the ticket to list the IP address list that needs SMTP service (xxxx/x subnet form submission, xxxx-xx format will not be accepted), we will promptly Update to the whitelist, and once you open SMTP service and get a spam complaint, we will issue an invoice  imediately, regardless of the agent or end user.


Monday, August 30, 2021

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